Author Reviews

Every word, every connotation, and all the denotative accumulations contain the history of our communal existence passed down to us through the ink of our literary ancestors.

An unread book is nothing more than a paperweight and is as useful as a pet rock. Books are activities, which become memories that germinate into thoughts, evoking ideas, and planting seeds that, if cultivated, may become forms of understanding.

My life reverberates with the conceptual culture I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to mine in the living language of those whose words remain in print. In this section of the website, I hope to pay these authors homage by exploring the ways in which their work has informed my own and impacted my writing practice, my style, and my ability to see literature as a reflection of and a testing ground for thinking through the human experiences.

Max Allan Collins

The fiction of Max Allan Collins is immediate, fast paced, and humorous. While Collins
writes strong dialogue and effectively develops characters and stories, he excels most at
creating sympathy through perspective.

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Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy’s work exemplifies every reason to read. His characters reveal
relatable truths. His descriptions map new landscapes within our minds, and his stories teach us
about exotic and distinct realities while revealing the forgotten and remote within ourselves.

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