Bookstore Reviews

If we want to grow as individuals, as thinkers, and as intellectuals, we need to support the structures and industries in our culture and society that nourish our search for new ideas and expose us to unfamiliar thoughts.

Bookselling has always been a niche market, and the local, independent bookshop provides the geographical location where an author connects to an honest audience, an audience interested in shared ideas and open to a varied use of language. More people read more now than ever before, and, as individuals invested in the choices people make about what to read, we are invested, now more than ever, in supporting our local bookseller. Bookstores need our patronage so that they may continue to be our homes to browse, to discover new adventures, to connect to the thoughts and ideas of others, to feed our inner dialogue, and to generate meaning with the lamplight of our literary imaginations. I dedicate this section of my website to the local bookshop in general, and the specific bookshops I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and which have improved my life one binding, one cover, one page, and one sentence at a time.

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