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Art is that which appeals to specificity and form for the purpose of expression.

All art that has enlivened my short existence has informed my writing in some way. I don’t know how to separate my reaction to music or painting from the way I construct language, so I’ve studied music, painting, and art theory in search of new ways to envision the written word. Composition encourages composition, and, to my way of thinking, writing a book length work is a form of composition similar to writing music or painting a canvas. We’re all looking for themes, central concepts, controlling ideas, and details that draw our compositions into sharper focus and clearer understanding. With clearer understanding comes a new set of questions, and on the heels of those questions, we further clarify our understanding. We never complete the quest, but we do revise our focus on certain elements while blurring the periphery, that which shifts to the background, receding beyond the horizon line, to the point of silence, notes in rest, always keeping time.

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