Spiritual Concepts

Spiritual concepts

Conceptualization, one important practice among many on a spiritual journey, provides a point of reference from which to seek a common ground, to think through our understandings of ourselves, our individualities, and our relationships to other people and to things in the world. Once we’ve gained a point of reference and articulated a concept, we’ve only just begun. We haven’t experienced that concept, haven’t made it our own, haven’t objectified it, and haven’t spoken the last word on the subject. We’ve only opened the context for further examination.

If we want our thinking to resonate within ourselves and to reverberate within the responses of others, we must understand the function of the thing-in-itself at the point of relationship, the grey area where the object in the world merges with context. Although there is no single, exact point of relationship, we can pinpoint areas of overlap and connection, where difference occurs. Because of difference, we can identify the thing-in-itself as isolated, silhouetted by context and, therefore, visible, conceptualizable.

The purpose of this section of the website is to open spiritual concepts to examination. This is a place for contemplation and consideration, necessary exercises for gaining traction as we move forward in our lives, growing and developing through practice.


Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. When we hear this adage, we might cringe at the use of the term perfect. We yearn to be ourselves, to be our own individuals, and we’re sick and tired of other people telling us whom we should be. Perhaps the tension we carry around the idea […]

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